China Here we come

Going to a trade show like the Canton Fair allows you to have face to face contact with a large number of vendors and to establish relationships with potential vendors early on.

This is invaluable! In just one short trip, you can easily meet hundreds of factory owners that are all congregated in one gigantic exhibition hall. Most of the vendors who attend the tradeshows do not have a web presence so it’s next to impossible to find them otherwise.

The first phase covers electronics, the second phase covers consumer goods, gifts and home decor and the third phase covers textiles, garments, shoes and office supplies. We will be attending the second phase OCTOBER 22-27TH 2017.

The hotel is located at 153 Tianhe Road. And in case you are curious, the street is pronounced, Tian huh like “sky river” in Chinese:)

What I like about this hotel is that it is right next to a high end shopping mall with an excellent food court and restaurants. So you can simply walk across the street and have access to shopping and good food. Plus, it’s very safe.

In addition, the hotel offers daily shuttles back and forth from the Canton Fair and it is very reasonably priced. The fairgrounds are 10 minutes away.

The other option is the Hotel I stayed at this May its quite pricey so it depends on how many people confirm however one room can sleep six comfortable .

Research the above hotel to get a price break down however hotels will cost $30-70 per person a night depending on confirm guest and nights stayed.

China food is very cheap… so this will vary on you

We will go out a couple nights most bars is free entry

Taxi- they will rip you off we will only take metered taxis and shuttles no private taxis

Outside of the show we will visit a manufacturing warehouse they have textiles electronics hair skin care nails i mean everything if you wanted to open a store front or e-commerce… this is the BANG OF THE TRIP i stumbled on this gem this year its no guide to direct you to this place and in fact i spent more money here… THIS IS CLASSIFIED INFORMATION BUT JUST TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF HOW GREAT LIFE WAS FOR ME I RECEIVED DISPOSABLE MICROBLADING NEEDLES FOR ABOUT $1.50-2 KNOW IF YOU KNOW TINA LEE NEEDLES THEY ARE $14 CAN YOU SAY AMAZE BALLS… UP NEXT I PURCHASED LACE CLOSURES FOR $14 YES….IF THIS DOESNT MAKE YOU WANT TO BOOK THIS TRIP I DONT KNOW WHAT WILL…



The tentative dates are October 22-27

visa will cost $140

flights will cost be $695-995 depending on where you fly from