This hands on Course will include all of the Secrets to Mastering every form of Lacing I've learned from some of the top lace stylist .

Lace Closure, Lace Frontal, 360 Frontals, and Full Lace Wig application are just a few pieces that are included in this course. Students will break the mold with proper techniques and tools needed to "Lace" effectively, learn what lighteners are needed to blend different skin tones, how to darken roots without damaging lace, proper plucking techniques used for different hairlines, lace maintenance or returning clients, how to target market clients that love "Lace" and so much more. Student will also receive a gift bag filled with practice goodies to take home and begin their journey.

IAM KOUTURE will show you how to work Smarter NOT Harder!!!


•Proper Track Placement 

•Frontal Customization (plucking)

•Knot Bleaching 

•How To Match Frontal With Skin Complexion 

•Product Knowledge


How to apply lace with glue, gel, bands, and sewn 

How to properly remove lace 

Certificate after completion on your own  


Class comes with the kit to practice on live model